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Animation: an essential medium for truly engaging with your customers

The importance of animation

Animation is a big part of our daily lives whether you’re conscious of it or not. From marketing to social media, bus stops to billboards; animation is an essential medium in today’s modern culture. Bright, colourful and vibrant animations draw the eye and are essential to any businesses marketing. Did you know:

Animation allows you to tell a story and get information across to your audience quickly and effectively. There are so many different types of animation, from a character narrative, to explainer videos and motion graphics. Whatever information you need to convey, there is an ideal style of animation to help you do just that.

Social media and animation

Now, anyone scrolling through social media is used to seeing hundreds of videos. With so many companies out there competing with one another on social media, it is essential that you stand out. Here is where animation comes into its element, really enabling you to captivate your customers with quick and concise content. With 87% of marketers planning on using video content throughout 2018 and 70% planning on using facebook video, there is a need for regular content. Animation can allow you to quickly create content to keep your customers engaged, with regular updates showing your customers that you are constantly relevant.

What Woopsedoo Animation can offer

If animation sounds like something that you feel could help your business flourish and help you to promote your services, get in touch for a quote. We are full of fresh and exciting ideas and will guide you through every step of the process. We are experienced in creating the perfect style of animation to maximise exposure and conversion of views to sales. Let us work together and create something special!

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